James Kemp 2017


  • We’ll start with your pricing and customer avatars and ensuring the fundamentals are down to make you easy to buy from. We’ll work on your product and price points so you get the sales and margins you’re after. 
  • Next, we'll take my sales script. We want to get this nailed early in the process so you can get sales early and often from the current prospects you're talking to.. I've been perfecting this campaign for two years and have it down to a science now. 
  • We'll then focus on your platforms… Website, Linkedin, Facebook — I will give you simple but high converting templates you can use to position yourself as an authority in your market.
  • One of the keys to scaling up is getting high-quality leads. I will show the 6 promotional strategies I use to generate 250+ leads a month. (4 of them don't require any marketing spend)
  • Next we'll design and build your VSL funnel that captures, qualifies and converts leads into appointments that close 40-70% of the time.
  • I will give you my proven Facebook Ads and retargeting systems that ensure you are everywhere your prospects are
  • We will install the art and science of running a successful webinar so you can generate leads en-masse
  • Scale - we’ve maximised your deal flow and you've got predictable deal flow so now its time to scale up.


  • In depth training program materials that they keep for life including recorded materials and worksheets, for step by step implementation
  • Access to group coaching Q&A calls held via private webinar for an 8 week period
  • Access to our private Facebook community

As needed, members of Authority Architecture have access to James and his team on a 1-on-1 basis mostly over the phone or email.


Once a week members have access to group Q&A calls to assist in implementing the program. These calls take place via webinar.


Every day of the week, James and his team and members of the group post updates on client wins, program questions, sharing of ideas, support, feedback and motivation. Members have access to the Facebook group throughout the program.



Members of Authority Architecture are invited to our live events. There are no additional costs for this other than hotel and airfare (if required). We cover food costs and a day of training.


Authority Architecture is a framework for your business to position itself as an Authority in the market and build a predictable inbound marketing system.


Entrepreneurs and Coaches:

Mortgage Advisors:


"James was the guy everyone said we should meet in setting up Simplicity, and that's turned out to be great advice. 

He quickly and effectively advised us on some insightful customer acquisition strategies that have been real winners. His depth of knowledge is impressive, but his X factor is the ability to translate that into strategies that actually work in the marketplace. Our customer acquisition costs are extremely low, and James played a big part in making that happen. Effective, personable, insightful. I'd be amazed if anyone was anything other than impressed.

Sam Stubbs, CEO, Simplicity Kiwisaver

Financial Services:

Tom Gibson - Redvespa Consultants

If you want to grow your business, in particular sales, there is no one better. James is not afraid to share his knowledge, his coaching and content are extremely insightful, and you'll get strategies that rarely fail.

Government and Entreprise Services:

Rod Snodgrass - Spark Ventures

"In these times with exponential change you either disrupt or get disrupted. You need to rethink alomost every part of your business. James has helped us at Spark Ventures and can help you on your journey."


“The online strategy that James designed has doubled the business I could get on my own. The ROI I get for my investment and time is ridiculous.”

Andrew Murray, Apartment Specialists

Real Estate: