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Live One Day Implementation Event

Christchurch, New Zealand - Friday 26th of January  

Auckland, New Zealand - Friday 9th of February  

Gold Coast, Queensland - Friday 18th of May                   Tickets TBA

San Diego, California - July 2018                                       Tickets TBA


If you’re like most services businesses, consultants and advisors I know you didn’t study marketing at school.

You found a profession and you went out there and did it.

One day you found out it wasn’t all going to be the smooth sailing you envisioned.

The reality hit you that you’re running a business. 

Being successful is a lot more than just being great at what you do. You have to find a steady stream of prospects and cut through the noise and competition..

You have to wear many hats. Paperwork, meetings, networking, cold calling.

When I started in consulting I didn’t understand any of this. I was clueless that you couldn’t just build a website and people wouldn't be beating down my door. 

I made lots of mistakes and eventually saw the reality that I needed a framework to get new prospects and clients otherwise there would always be a ceiling on my freedom and income.

First, I ignored the ‘old way’ of doing things - cold calling, proposals, networking - and adopted the new way. A lead generation system that attracts, captures and qualifies leads in a predictable, scalable way.

Most service providers, consultants and coaches depend on one strategy. 

Hope - hope the phone rings, hope they get a referral, hope the client accepts the proposal. Sometimes it works but most of the time you can serve many more clients and are leaving money on the table.

Eventually I found a simple method that generates me thousands of monthly leads and hundreds of customers APPLYING to work with me.

(yes, they seek ME out)

Through trial and many errors this is what I figured out:

  • Developing simple but profitable channels that attract new leads 24/7.
  • I mastered methods that capture and qualify prospects so I only speak to the best.
  • Developed a predictable system of converting prospects into clients without chasing and the back and forth.
  • Designed conversion environments that maximise customer experience and maximise their value.

If a business masters these areas they build a predictable, stable business.

You build a business that is actually fun to work on and run.

Otherwise, what's the point?

Over the past 3 years I’ve been helping entrepreneurs and experts of all shapes and sizes master these fundamentals and then scale them.

They have all developed an Authority Architecture.

This architecture powers their business to growth - day in, day out.

and now I'm teaching it live.

I will walk you through the essential systems you need in your business and how we use these to explode sales and grow meaningful brands:

  • We’ll start with your pricing and customer avatars and ensuring the fundamentals are down to make you easy to buy from. We’ll work on your product and price points so you get the sales and margins you’re after. 
  • Next, we'll take my sales script. We want to get this nailed early in the process so you can get sales early and often from the current prospects you're talking to.. I've been perfecting this campaign for two years and have it down to a science now. 
  • We'll then focus on your platforms… Website, Linkedin, Facebook — I will give you simple but high converting templates you can use to position yourself as an authority in your market.
  • One of the keys to scaling up is getting high-quality leads. I will show the promotional strategies I use to generate 250+ leads a month. (4 of them don't require any marketing spend)
  • Next we'll design your VSL funnel that captures, qualifies and converts leads into appointments that close 40-70% of the time
  • I will give you my proven Facebook Ads and retargeting systems that ensure you are everywhere your prospects are
  • We will install the art and science of running a successful webinar so you can generate leads en-masse

Any one of these systems can transform your business on its own.

I will teach you all of them.

Who's This Event For?

- Consultants and coaches who want more clients and time.

- Independent advisors who want a simple way to generate more leads.

- Business owners who want to feed themselves or their sales team qualified prospects.

Who This Event Is Not For:

- People looking for a get rich quick scheme (work is required)

- 'Idea Hunters' who are attracted to shiny objects but don't execute


These strategies and 1-day Intensives are only available to a carefully selected few. …until now.

Businesses - My clients - happily pay $10,000 for a 1-day training like this with me.

But we've only just met, and I want it to be easy for you to come and work with me the first time.

I figure if I give you a day of my best strategies, there's a good chance you'll ask to work with me to grow your business down the track.

So your ticket to Authority Intensive is only $299+ GST.

Come. Learn. Implement.

If you love it, and want more, you'll know where to come.

If you just want to take my strategies and don't want to go any further, that's cool too. There'll be no problems and no hard feelings.

All I ask is that if you Sign up: Show up.

Seats to this training are limited. So if you take a seat, it means that someone else can't.


10:00 AM


Predictable methods of attracting more clients 

11:45 PM


A simple way to get prospects to qualify themselves

1:30 PM


A guaranteed way to convert 2x more prospects to clients

3:00 PM


Systems to grow a better business and life


Limited to 25

"In these times with exponential change you either disrupt or get disrupted. You need to rethink alomost every part of your business. James has helped us at Spark Ventures and can help you on your journey."

Rod Snodgrass -Spark Ventures


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"James was the guy everyone said we should meet in setting up Simplicity, and that's turned out to be great advice. 

He quickly and effectively advised us on some insightful customer acquisition strategies that have been real winners. His depth of knowledge is impressive, but his X factor is the ability to translate that into strategies that actually work in the marketplace. Our customer acquisition costs are extremely low, and James played a big part in making that happen. Effective, personable, insightful. I'd be amazed if anyone was anything other than impressed."

Sam Stubbs, CEO, Simplicity Kiwisaver


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